Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick and Simple Turkish styled hijab :D

Sorry couldn't take a better picture... same as the Turkish Antique Gold but in Turquoise and instead of the scarf laying flat  down the chest it lays across to one side :D will post better pics was just excited to share... so in love with this scarf and this color :D Pinup style eye makeup and nude lips :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turkish Antique Gold

Turkish Bronze/Gold colored scarf with and antique goldish butterfly pin.... :)

Didn't have the proper straight pin color so I used some the color of my cardigan... hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hijab of the Day!

Don't feel confident enough to do a OOTD so I decided to do a HOTD! :) stay toned for a tut on this look! :D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not the holidays again -__-

Here we go again... the cheery dispositions, the decorations, ah! the crowds and everyone's temporary resolution to give to the poor and miraculously change the world *rolls eyes* which is about as fake as Lindsey Lohan's collagen injections. I usually give that sudden change of heart till about mid January at which time they return to their usual "who cares about the rest of the world" selves.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't walk around with the Bah-humbug face or ruin anyone else's festiveness and what not but to be honest I do come close :/ I have a good reason for hating the holidays... My mom use to love them and passed away a day before New Year's eve consequently being the reason why I could choke someone this time of year (I'm kidding!) yeah yeah I know I should be over and moving, I am in many ways but in many ways I am not .... So I beg for your sake and mine spare me the effort it takes in pretending to be happy 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Eulogy for My Father

I copy and pasted this just as it was typed no punctuation corrections, keep in mind this was typed up 2 days after he passed away wasn't my priority, with that said I wanted to share this with everyone.

On the afternoon of Monday, June the 27th I wept for the loss of the most important and influential person in my life... The man who I do not call my mothers father...who I do not consider my grandfather...The man who I spent 29 years of my life tormenting why my childish ventures...the man who tormented me with his...The man who took in two lost little boys and one 15 day old baby girl and raised them as his own...who taught us wrong from right... the man who loved us despite who we were or what we'd become... the man who made me the woman I am today... On June 27th I lost my heart, my reason, my day and my night... On this day surrounded by his loved ones in the comfort of his home I lost my father.

My father was not your typical dad... he was not perfect... he was a tad bit immature and hot headed... mouthy... he'd still want to jump into a fight to defend you even though he could hardly walk... he had his vices... his flaws... but he was my dad and I am very fortunate and extremely privileged to have been able to call him that.

You always had to remember with him... if he told you something was a certain way you best believe or make yourself believe he was right... even if he was wrong... he was strong... independent and even if he didn't show it so very loving.

I won't go on about all the wonderful things I remember about my dad cause we will be standing here forever but I will share a few... I remember distinctly the smell of tres flores... the wide tooth combs he would set on his vanity... the handkerchief he always carried in his back pocket... the multi colored socks he could never seem to match perfectly with anything... his trucker hats... the gold chains he wore over his short sleeve dress shirts... security uniforms... the smells of old spice... the leather studded belts he never went without... his wallet with a chain which hung down at his side and clung to his belt loop... the way he looked at people when they would really make him mad and of course the family portraits with the family cat

He was such a unique man... a pea in a pot of carrots... and I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life till I am with him again

Don't weep at my grave, for I am not there,
I've a date with a butterfly to dance in the air.
I'll be singing in the sunshine, wild and free,
Playing tag with the wind, while I'm waiting for thee

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rest of my life

Today is going to be the first day of the rest of my life <------ how many times in my life have I said that.. and yet here I am stuck in yesterday! ..... I wanna surf :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tag time!

You are all tagged!!!


Mexica movement


1. Which nationality are you or your parents?
2. Which nationality is your husband?
3. What is your favorite dish from your country as well as a dish from a different country or nationality
4. How did you end up with a Turkish guy?


Saturday, April 9, 2011


From a floppy beach hat to a 1930s style hat 
 looking chic/modest is the Aim with these two gorgeous caps "D
Imagine the possibilities.. hijab doesn't have to be always a scarf...dress it up or down.. for occasion or just a run to the market

Layer it underneath with a jersey knit scarf for full coverage :D

*sigh* :D